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June 24, 2010 by Lost_WLd
Just wishing Stardock's worst forum troll a happy (39th?! ) birthday.
April 1, 2010 by Lost_WLd
I've been reading Civ 5 previews and taking some notes on the new features Fraxis is adding to it. I'm going to post them, along with a few of my thoughts, to hopefully get some discussion going on the usefulness of these features with regard to Elemental. Remember, even if my ideas aren't any good, a catalyzed spark from someone else might be.This is a long post and I went to public school; so bear with me.Hexagons – The new square!With Civ 5, Fraxis has decided to switch to a hexagon...
March 31, 2009 by Lost_WLd
    Welp, after roughly five years of bouncing in and out of college, I'm about to get an Associate Science degree this spring. I have a 3.5GPA, which I know is nothing to brag about. But now that I am about to get a basic degree I need to make some decisions; difficult ones. Should I keep going to school? Where am I going to work? Should I move now to find work or wait until I have a job lined up? 

    I've lived in North Dakota my whole life. It's a rea...